Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved to sing.  Music has been this thing that consumed me from a very young age.  It all began with listening to records with my dad and listening to him talk about his time on the stage.  From there went school choirs, concert band, marching band, musicals and talent shows.  I pretty much sang anywhere that would let me.

Music really began to change for me when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  Those thirteen weeks in boot camp challenged my mind, body and spirit.  But music was the one thing that helped me to keep going.  I sang to myself during long hikes and proudly sang cadence for my sister Marines whenever allowed.  At one point my drill instructors asked me “why are you here?  Why aren’t you singing?”  I never thought of music as any thing more than a dream.

Early in my singing career, I competed in Nashville Star during the first season, which aired on the USA network in 2003. Despite the fact I did not make the finals, I did progress far enough in the competition to have the opportunity to perform for Sony Records.

After taking time off to pursue academic success, I was blessed with the opportunity to join “TypeCast,” a Hampton Roads based band. My experience and performance with “TypeCast” has re-ignited my passion and vigor for music once more. The wonderful experience and the opportunity to work with such talented artists have inspired me to seek out further musical opportunities and to expand my musical repertoire.

I guess this brings me to today.  I am now a mother of three and a Registered Nurse and at 34 years old I am finally getting a chance to live my dream.

 My current solo project is an emotional song dedicated to the women serving in the military.  I am an official Heart Songs for Veteran Ambassador.  

Laura is a Project Lips Lady and will be a part of our Project Lips Web Series in her role as a correspondent.